Goop Videos

Goop Videos is a YTPer who joined YouTube in 2012. He started YTPing in 2015. He is one of the most revered and popular ones of the modern era, currently having over 11,000 subs. His most viewed YouTube Poop is "Despicable Meme: Gru's Constipated", with 2 million views, ten times as much as the runner-up "Spingebill Convinces Squishward to Build Him a Bomb Out of a Bubble and a Used Pinball Machine".

Unlike most popular YTPers, whom loathe ANY sort of audio-swapping (or as they refer it "meme replacements") he is a very good friend of the editing community and even dabbles in it himself occasionally.


He started editing as his April Fools 2016 prank, wherein he announced he would be quitting YTP completely to pursue it. Despite this being just a prank, he still went the extra mile to actually make an edit: of the iPhone 6 timer commercial.

Upon the video being well-received, he decided to start doing them sporadically, announcing that he planned to limit himself to commercials and YouTube videos (specifically citing Egoraptor as one he wanted to do), and later that month he released a Pop-Tarts commercial edit. He stated although he wanted to do a full TV episode it probably was not going to happen until he had more free time.

However, he quickly went back on that last statement, as the month after that, on fellow beloved pooper coolcat001100's channel, the two released a collab edit of "Graveyard Shift" from SpongeBob . This one was alas received less positively than either of the other two. This was mainly due to being hosted on coolcat's channel, thus introducing editing to a group of lemming modern YTP supremacists who had no idea why two elaborate poopers were making such a simple video. However, this eventually died out and the edit has now become a cult classic.

His next edit was of Sesame Street, which remained his last until April 2017 saw two new edits: another collab with coolcat on "An Ed in the Bush" from Ed Edd 'n Eddy, and his first solo TV edit on "The Camping Episode" from SpongeBob. Both were of a similar "competent but low quality in some places to be nostalgic" style that came to define G4 editing. He plans to collaborate with well-established G3 editor Rockorange to do an edit on the Jimmy Neutron episode Journey to the Center of Carl.