Gašper Oštir & Xpert Jani

Gašper Oštir and Xpert Jani are two Slovenian editors and real-life siblings who both began in 2016. In addition to being perhaps the first (and at the moment only) notable editors to originate from a non English-speaking country, they were also major pioneers of G4 of editing, introducing editing to a mainstream YouTube audience that had never discovered it thanks to their simple, uncomplicated style of editing and references to mainstream YouTube culture.

Editing styleEdit

Xpert Jani's first edit was in February of 2016, with Gašper's first following soon after.

Gašper's account was taken down in early 2017 due to a hacking, but immediately restarted. The only edits he reuploaded out of his humongous library were two-to-four Ed Edd 'n Eddy edits, and the only edits he has done since are of the show as well.

In March 2017 Gašper joined the ranks of editors who edited an entire movie when he announced an edit of the entirety of Ed Edd 'n Eddy's Big Picture Show. It was impressively completed after a mere three weeks.

Like an old-school G1 editor, they both almost strictly edited TV episodes, as opposed to most G3 editors who edited shorter clips such as YouTube videos, movie trailers, and commercials. The only such edit either ever made was Gašper's edit of a Doritos commercial, which has since been lost. Although both usually used Ed Edd 'n Eddy they also used other shows, and more obscure ones than the average G3 editor. (As stated though, Gašper has become a strictly EEnE editor post-takedown)

Their sound library is generally of simple nature, only utilizing the G2 library for the most part. After the respective releases of Malcolmthebeast and ULBEdits' 1st soundpacks though, Xpert began making extensive use of them. (Gašper has also used Malcom's pack, but only a very few select sounds). New sounds are extremely rare and what little there are mostly come from "basic bro" sources like Vine and PewDiePie. Both editors love trap music, as it is used in almost all musical sequences in their edits.

On the date of October 4th, 2017, Gašper retired due to severe issues with his computer. His last "edit" claimed to be of the "I'm Lightning McQueen" vine but was actually just the original video with no changes at all. (His true last edit was of Postcards from the Ed from EEnE). He explained this was due to computer difficulties which had motivated him to just release the project (all 7 seconds of it) as is. Whether or not this affects Xpert is unknown.