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inactive This article is about an editor who is no longer active.

TheHomosexualBagel (formerly bobkyleyou, then Editscentral and Editscentral2) was a YouTube editor of a variety of content, such as Regular Show, MLP, and various pop songs. He recently retired on the same day fellow YT editors Messer Productions and assmennfiossa announced their retirement.

File:Editscentral RD Profile Pic.jpg
Occupation Editor (wide variety; now retired), YTP/YTPMVer, troll
Years Active January 1st, 2011 - July 4th, 2011 (as bobkyleyou)

July 4th, 2011 - January 19th, 2012 (as Editscentral)

January 25th - present (as TheHomosexualBagel)

Notable Works All Regular Show edits
Influences 3staredits, ViacomCanSuckIt, joeybbaum1995
Influenced assmennfiossa, SmallChocolateShake

History[edit | edit source]

Editscentral first started watching the edits of user 3staredits and thought that they were hilarious. He eventually discovered other 2 other established editors, the de facto pioneer of editing ViacomCanSuckIt and the moderately popular editor joeybbaum1995. The work of all three editors made Editscentral want to become an editor himself, but he only owned an iPod touch, thus not able to edit with having such a low-end device.

It was about 2 years later that Editscentral got a computer. The first 2 edits he made were of songs from a TV series and a movie, respectively The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme and the Ghostbusters theme. I wanna fuck you hard! I wanna feel you deep!

I wanna rock your body!

I wanna taste your sweet!

I wanna fuck you hard!

I wanna feel you deep!

I wanna ah! ah!