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Rock Bottom (Edited)

by EditsForWinners (released May 12, 2018)


Title card music: "Giygas Medley"- EarthBound OST

"Fan-fuckin'-tastic": Awesome Series- "The Legend of Awesome"- Egoraptor

Angry gibberish at 0:23: paddy forest NOT stabilized- OneyNG

Injured grunt at 0:30: Cool Show: Space Jokes- Spazkidin3D

"Ow"- The wacky World of Miniature Golf: King Putt's Tomb

"Fifty" at 0:39: "Murder One"- 50 Cent

"Fifty" at 0:40: Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon- "Fire Dogs 2"

"No" at 0:41: Bushworld Adventures

"Greasemonkey": MJ Morning Show's Crotchety Prank Calls- "The Abused Car Dealer"

"This job blows": ABC Happy Time

"Ahhh, z-z-z-z-z-z-z...": Hellbenders- "Zachnaphobia" (unfinished leak)

"From the whores on seventh avenue": "The Boxer"- Simon and Garfunkel

"6.12": The Ultimate Insult

"Oh, my god": Bob's Burgers- "Human Flesh"

"IN MY EEEEYES!!!": STABBED (ft. OneyNG)- TomSka

One of the laughs: Eddie Fitzgerald's laugh (heard at 0:19 in "Eddie Fitzgerald's Laughs (Part 2)")

"Poopy": Rick and Morty- "Total Rickall"

"Freakin' sweet": Family Guy- "Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater"

"What the fuck are you talking about": Bushworld Adventures

Glass crashing at 1:39: Tourettes Guy- "Colonel Cluster Fuck"

"Poodles": Nostalgia Critic- "The Tommy Wiseau Show"

Losing sound at 1:44: G1 Whammy sound from Press Your Luck

Music when the bus enters Rock Bottom: "Tommy the Cat"- Primus

"I'm getting the hell out of here!": Weekend Pussy Hunt- Episode 7

"Wind intensity... too strong!": The Ren & Stimpy Show- "Powdered Toastman"

Piano crashing at 2:10: custom sound effect made with Audacity

"GET OUTTA HERE!": Game Grumps- "Dennis the Menace"

"Disneyland": Sequelitis- "A Link to the Past vs. Ocarina of Time"- Egoraptor

"Different" at 2:31: The Electric Company- "Happy Birthday Miss Jones"

"Different" at 2:33: Monty Python's Flying Circus- "Face the Press" (or "Dinesdale!")

"OH, MY GAWD!!": Game Grumps- "Sonic Adventure DX Part 50"

"Smell[s] like doggy doooooo": MJ Morning Show's Crotchety Prank Calls- "The Demonic Cable Box"

"I tell you, we must turn back!": The Ren & Stimpy Show- "The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen"

"Crapper[s]": Aqua Teen Hunger Force- "Total Re-Carl"

Disgusting defecation noises: Microsoft Sam Reads Stupid and Dumb Errors REBIRTH (S1 E2)-WSAM0TV (originated from "Dumb and Dumber") mixed with a shitting sound effect

"A giant masterpiece": Max Headroom WTTW Hijacking Incident (high quality audio)

Grunting at 3:03: Oney's Toon Tutorials- Ep 3 - "Sound and Exportion. Abortion. Exporting. There you go."- OneyNG

Grunting at 3:08: Horrible Abomination Sings With the Best of 'em!- ABZ Cartoons

Gross burp and fart at 3:10: How to Use GoAnimate!- OneyNG

Vomiting at 3:12: Hellbenders- "Zachnaphobia" (unfinished leak)

"This is disgusting!": Game Grumps- "P.T."

Scream at 3:14: Hellbenders- "Applooza"

Gurgling at 3:16: "It's Martin Luther King Day, Charlie Brown!"- MostOffensiveVideo

"Get me the hell out of here!!": MJ Morning Show's Crotchety Prank Calls- "The Elevator"

"Everybody around here looks like they have": Family Guy- "The Simpsons Guy"

"Meth": Meth Song PSA

"Poisoning!": Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling (trailer)

"If you're ever thinking about calling suicide, please call (708) 788-1900, the Chinese place down the block": Playing Pico's School in 2018 - PICO DAY 2018- Charge Shot

"Hello!": Ed, Edd n Eddy sound effect

"C'mon, step it up!": Super Smash Bros Brawl

"Blooow" at 4:31: "The Metal"- Tenacious D

"Shit-filled": UPDATE VIDEO- Psychicpebbles (rearranged)

"Blow-up doll" at 4:37: "Inflatable Lady"- Chris Hardwick

"Lardass": Stand By Me

"I need help": Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon- "Ren Seeks Help"

"I'm sorry, I... I didn't catch that": "ARGO: An Accurate Summarization"- Ukinojoe

"Blow-up doll" at 4:59: Chris Hardwick: Funcomfortable

"GET BACK ON THE BUUUUUUS!!!": Rocko's Modern Life: "I See London, I See France"

"Damn it": Aqua Teen Hunger Force- "Total Re-Carl"

"You won't catch me, I'm the GINGERBREAD MAN! HAHAHAHAHA!!!": Drawn Together- "Charolette's Web of Lies"

Exhausted music at 5:21: Home Movies- "Hiatus"

"Tapeworm!": Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends- "The Big Cheese" (end credits)

"Hey": I Am a Building- Black20 Studios

"What is that?": Aqua Teen Hunger Force- "Rabbot"

SpongeBob looks at road: Hanna-Barbera sound effect (taken from The Jetsons- "The Best Son")

SpongeBob looks at bus station: Hanna-Barbera sound effect (taken from Moltar's control room in Space Ghost: Coast to Coast)

"I ain't going nowhere!": Brain Dump- "THE WITCH"- Hotdiggedydemon

"Feed me!": Dexter's Laboratory- "You Vegetabelieve It!"

"Maybe just this once": Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon- "Fire Dogs 2"

Growl at 6:09: Nostalgia Critic- "Let's Play: Bart's Nightmare"

"I better hurry": Grumpcade: "The Simpsons: Hit and Run" (ft. OneyPlays)

"I'll make things better, dear! Put me inside you, I'm great!": Moral Orel- "Nature: Part 1"

"LISTEN TO ME, DAMN IT! YOU CAN DO IT!": Home Movies- "Broken Dreams"

"Yes!": OneyPlays Super Mario 64 Multiplayer with DINGDONG (Mod) - EP 2 - Luigi's Corpse

"Success!": Aqua Teen Hunger Force- "Super Trivia"

Scream at 6:47: Half-Life 2 (zombie screams)

"You're just f[bleep]ing with me aren't you?": Code MENT Episode 3- "Purple Eyes"

"Here I come!": "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)"- Dead or Alive

Wail at 7:05: Nostalgia Critic- "Let's Play: Bart's Nightmate"

"Yummy!": Big Bunny- "Episode 1: The Delicious Dog"

"Go fuck yourself!": Vinny- Supra Mayro Kratt- Vinesauce


"Boyoyoyoyoing!"- Beavis and Butt-Head: "Sexual Harrassment"

"No more Mr. Nice Guy!": "No More Mr. Nice Guy"- Alice Cooper

Music during montage of SpongeBob's attempts to get back on the bus: "Aphid"- Cboyardee

"Sneaky!": Charlie the Unicorn 3

"Alright, that does it! I'M SICK OF THIS SHIT, AND I'M NOT TAKING IT ANY LONGER!!": South Park- "The Cissy"

"Someone's DICK IS COMING WITH ME TONIGHT!": Aqua Teen Hunger Force- "Dickesode"

Burp at 8:02: Game Grumps- "Banjo-Kazooie - Elado Man - PART 7"

"Oh, Jesus": Max Headroom WTTW Hijacking Incident (high quality audio)

"Eight fucking hours later": Family Guy- "Call Girl"

"And if you don't like it, well, I guess you can suck my tiny little balls": South Park- "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics"

"This sucks": Regular Show- "Rigby's Body"

"Tactical nuke incoming!"- Modern Warfare 2

"Yo, tizzime pass by just like Donovan McNizzab. Yeah": Aqua Teen Hunger Force- "Dumber Days"

"Huh?"- "Huh?"- Mike Judge

"FINALLY!!": SpongeBob SquarePants- "Chocolate With Nuts"

"Took": SpongeBob SquarePants- "Life of Crime"

"Dick Planet": Aqua Teen Hunger Force- "Dickesode"

"S'cuzzi?": Nostalgia Critic: "Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue"

"Are you hard of hearing?": MJ Morning Show's Crotchety Prank Calls- "Drunk Santa"

"I'm sorry, darling, I can't understand your thick accent": DRESS.MOV- Hotdiggedydemon

"North Korea": Google Earth Guys- Dan Meth/CollegeHumor

"Oh, okay": YTP: Friendship is Not Available in Your Country- Dikekike

"Why the fuck didn't you say so earlier?": Hellbenders- "Applooza"

"Right fuckin' now!": 2 in the AM PM- J.G. Quintel

"Buh-bye": Invader ZIM- "Attack of the Saucer Morons"

"I've": The Ren & Stimpy Show- "Sven Hoek"

"Day": "Average Everyday Normal Guy"- Jon Lajoie


Music when lights go out: "Giygas Medley" EarthBound OST

"Oh, no!": Tourettes Guy- "The Head and Shoulders Incident"

"Like I said": Frog in a Blender- Joecartoon

"End your life": Grumpcade- "The Simpsons: Hit and Run" (ft. OneyPlays)

"On this spot": The Ren & Stimpy Show- "Sven Hoek"

"Alone in this": Gregory's Room- seinfeldspitstain

"Hell-hole": Best Of The Tourettes Guy (2 of 4)

"What?"- 2 in the AM PM- J.G. Quintel

"Oh, man...": Space Ghost: Coast to Coast- "Mayonnaise"

"I'm": Home Movies- "Broken Dreams"

"--screwed!": Space Ghost: Coast to Coast- "Mayonnaise"

"And": Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged- "Dirty Dueling"

"Imagine": YouTube Responds to Logan Paul just NINE DAYS Later (and now I've lost it complely)- EmpLemon

"Justin Timberlake": Aqua Teen Hunger Force- "Interfection"

"What the fucktopus?": Nostalgia Critic- "Felix the Cat: The Movie"

"Whatever!": Doug- "Doug Bags a Neematode"

"Gotta get that exercise!": What a Cartoon!- "The Worm: Tales of Worm Paranoia"

Very brief music when SpongeBob finally flips: "Cartoon Accent 113"- Sound Ideas

"SOMEBODY HELP ME, PLEAAAA--": Hellbenders- "Applooza"

SpongeBob runs into the road wall: Ed, Edd n Eddy impact sound effect

"When my eyes are open, I see the sky! When my eyes are open, I see the grass!"- Jackie Robinson Was the First Black Baseball Player, Charlie Brown!- MostOffensiveVideo

"No, don't get any closer!": Game Grumps- "Sonic Adventure DX Part 50"

"I'll put a bullet in your fucking skull!": Drawn Together- "Charolette's Web of Lies"

"I GONNA DIIIEIEIEIEEE!!!"- Lupo's Nightmare (Lupo the Butcher commercial for Converse shoes)

"You again?": INVADER ZIM LOST EPISODE (RARE!!!)- HotDiggedyDemon

"Blow-up doll" at 11:17: Chris Hardwick: Funcomfortable

"Blow" at 11:22: "Inflatable Lady"- Chris Hardwick

"Blow" at 11:24: "Inflatable Lady"- Chris Hardwick

"Take a closer look, you moron!": The Ren & Stimpy Show- "Dog Show"

Music when SpongeBob flies back to Bikini Bottom with his balloon: "Comin' Home"- Cheeseburger (Superjail theme)

"THE SON OF A [BITCH] HAS RETURNED!!": Ed, Edd n Eddy- "Wish You Were Ed"

Balloon popping, "YEAH!", and video game music at the end: The Lazer Collection 5- Dom Fera

"HEY! WHAT ABOUT ME?! ...bastards!": Koit/Eddsworld Collab 2