Editors Discord Chat

The Editors Discord Chat (Named "Livestreams for Editors and YTPers") is an online chatroom, created by EditsOfGreatBritain (Edits Of Great Britain), on the app Discord.


EditsOfGreatBritain (Edits Of Great Britain) created the "Livestreams for Editors" server in Discord for Rockorange to use in his occasional livestreams, and for him to use in livestreams he plans to do in the future. He made a video about this server, trying to reach out for editors, edit reviewers and VIP edit fans alike, to join the server. These videos have attracted more people to the server. Ever since then, the server has evolved into a hub for huge players in the editing community to discuss editing and YTP, along with various other interests outside of edits, such as music and politics, along with anything in between.

Eventually, EOGB added his buddies in the YouTube Poop community into the server, leading to an eventual name change, "Livestreams for Editors and YTPers." Rockorange and EOGB are always looking for editors and others that play a big part in the scene to join the server.

Many spontaneous edit collabs have taken place, such as Raster0fMandomness' "Hat of Discipline Collab," inspired by MagiswordEditor's edit of that specific scene in Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy, and the Avast Ye Eds collab, hosted by Rockorange.

If you're interested and an editor, retired or active, or a person listed on the "Fans" page, please leave a comment, and Rockorange will hook you up.

List of Editors/Fans/YTPers a part of the server:Edit

Wish ListEdit

We'd love to have any member of this Wikia on the server. Here is our particular wishlist though.

  • xScourgeTailsx (Declined offer from Rockorange due to issues in real life; also has beef with Black Storm, who is no longer in the chat)
  • EditingYourMouth
  • Gamerhandsjr
  • DominationEdits (Was part of the server, but left and subsequently retired from editing. Still has a Discord account he now never uses)
  • Malcolm (On hiatus, not very active at all)
  • Edits Are Awesome (No response, Rockorange's comment was probably marked as spam)
  • Gašper Oštir & Xpert Jani (Unknown if everyone in the server would be on board)
  • Mr. Skeleboner
  • SpongeBob Edits 1 (Retired, most likely unable to reach out to)
  • Spidermonkey722 (Disappeared)
  • thekingofchamps (Retired, most likely difficult to contact)
  • Practically any other editor/aspiring editor/fan