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In late-2008, Edited versions of SpongeBob SquarePants were uploaded on YouTube by user Klusignolo. His edits became immediately popular on YouTube and has influenced/inspired many editors such as nubforlyfe (now DahBestEditor and ViacomIsRunByJews), BadAssEdits (now SantaWithDrugs and MasterPrantum), Freshmilk970, Rollerhock and Roshua777.

This is a list of notable editors from the past and present.

Currently Editing[edit | edit source]

Retired and/or Terminated[edit | edit source]

Hiatus/Semi-Retired[edit | edit source]

Inactive or Status Unkown[edit | edit source]

Klusignolo ·Nubforlyfe ·

Roshua666 · Legobucket · MizzouEdits · EditorzRus · SuperUsTube · SuperIdiotMan00 · Raster0fMandomness · Rockorange · Octacle