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inactive This article is about an editor who is no longer active.

Current Departur3z93 Logo

Departur3z93 also known as DaAquaManEditorz  (March 15, 2011~ c. April 2011) (June 16, 2012 ~ June 16, 2013). He was a skilled editor with about 100+ subscribers and 21,000-40,000+ video views.

Autobiography[edit | edit source]

Departur3z93 Emblem

Departur3z93 also known as DaAquaManEditorz, I've been editing for actually 2 years, since March 2011 under the name of KCDXYZ5X, but I abandoned the profile and moved on. Eventually, I knew more about the internet and YouTube and I ran into LickMyNoseHAHAHA's Krusty Towers edit. July 2012 I posted my first legitimate edit in nearly a year from my "Accidental Edit", I made an edit, not knowing it was an edit. I used the editor on my PS3 to cut out scenes and fit them together from an episode of Metalocalypse, you can say I was scene slicing rather than sentence slicing. Slowly, I started gaining popularity in the editing community. Right now, I go by the username of Departur3z93 and made a spare profile named DaAquaManEditorz and if one fails, I'll have another one online. Right now I am an Adventure Time (ended) , Spongebob, and Regular Show Editor. I tried my best starting and experimenting with a project that can most likely change the Editing Community...Project Bagel. It's shelved but currently (November 29, 2012) I am collaborating with SkateboardEditor, MesserProductions4, and CreativeOneRofl. Also, There is a 50/50 chance the project may remain pending or it will be pushed forward another month. Speaking of teaming with other editors, I have finished a joint edit with SkateboardEditor from July to September via Skype. I have a plan to also make joint edits with other editors before 2017, which is a very long void of time. Also, by then, air will become tight for the editing community. I can tell that copyright law will bounce and increase and gradually expand over time, but, we'll see what happens when it happens. Also, I have successfully pioneered something I would like to call "EMV". Kinda like YTPMV, but Edited Music Videos are just normal edited music videos, as well as special effects added and "sing-a-long" captions underneath. I have collaborated with a total of 3 Editor and 1 YouTube Pooper. In addition I am currently (February 26, 2013) tutoring a new editor named "nothingonmydeskEdits".

"The greatest advice I can give to a new editor...It's pronounced cock-ass and use Sony Vegas"[edit | edit source]

Opinions Toward Viacom[edit | edit source]

I honestly don't give two fucks about Viacom. This is where the Bullshit Bandwagon cruises around the block; Every single editor and every single editing fan craps themselves over how "VIACOM IS SUCH BULLSHIT!!!ONE!!11", yet that is completely untrue to my opinion. Everyone knows how much Viacom sucks and how many editors hate them. A message to YouTube User XDrang93: '"XDrang, honestly, I love editing Spongebob because who doesn't want to hear Spongebob scream about 'cleaveland steamers'? I don't care for Viacom, and my truly honest opinion to Viacom taking down edits is...butthurt. I mean, really, if it got you up in tears to stop editing, then why did you edit it in the first place, amirite?
Sent to: XDrang93"

In conclusion, every single editor that has stopped editing due to Viacom and The Cartoon Network, Inc. (Very lenient) and never found any alternatives just shows that massive butthurt was felt and that it is pretty much a "Rage Quit". However, if Viacom destroys your account, then that is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

Joint Edits/EMV[edit | edit source]

- SkateboardEditor | Adventure Time - The Monster

- IDaCashman | ERB: Stephen Hawking vs Albert Einstein

Traditional Edits (normal editing)[edit | edit source]

Italics denote blocked by Viacom or The Cartoon Network Inc. Underline denotes "Shorts!"

Metalocalypse[edit | edit source]

-Dethklok Edited (March 2011)

Adventure Time[edit | edit source]

- Business Time pt 1 and pt 2 (First Edit Ever Made after Hiatus)

- Jake vs Me-Mow pt 1 and pt 2

- Finale : Five Short GrayBalls 10 minute (Uploaded, blocked, then reuploaded)

Spongebob SquarePants[edit | edit source]

- Shell of A Man

- Krusty Krab Training Video

- Oral Report (Unreleased)

- The Ugly Barnacle

- I'm Your Biggest Fanatic

 Regular Show[edit | edit source]

-  50 Sub Special : Exit 9B Parts 1 ~ 4

- Butt Dial

 Free Credit Report[edit | edit source]

EMV #1 and 2

Total Drama Island (SkateOneMesser93- SkateboardEditor, creativeoneRofl, MesserProductions4 and Departur3z93)[edit | edit source]

Not So Happy Campers

- Demonstration

Epic Rap Battles of History[edit | edit source]

- Einstein vs Hawking (Collaboration with YTPer IDaCashman)

Billy Mays[edit | edit source]

- Big City Slider Station


- YouTube user : CopperCab edited

Legacy and Retirement[edit | edit source]

(June 16, 2013)- It's been a year since the last time I've began editing and gained popularity in the scene. I haven't edited in several months and I am extremely rusty and lost some of my editing prowess (Sorry to toot my own horn). And in this time, to be honest, because of other interests and boredom, I quit editing and I seek to progress in music, speaking of which, I am working on 'The Damage EP'. Really just electro, glitch, and dubstep. Other than my love for music, I have no choice to quit editing because of schedule interference and annoyance. In other words, whenever I had to study for a standardized test, I'd be editing, which isn't good at all. Lastly, I am quitting because of my distaste for some of the editing community. The reason why I have this dissatisfaction is because of repetitive media, content, and the editors. And when I'm done with typing this, I'll post ideas for the community to use to not only gain popularity and satisfaction, but self satisfaction also. People like LilBrownAsian and other 'underground' editors are really crumbling the community and making the edits badly. Meanwhile, benefits to the community like XDrang93 know what are good choices, directions, and dish out likeable informative videos.

My Ideas for the Community[edit | edit source]

Anyone can use these ideas of mine, they are kinda irrelevant for me to use.

  • Naruto edits, Bleach edits, School Rumble edits, more Fairly OddParents, my ballsacks
  • Sonic Unleashed, and other video game cutscenes
  • More song edits by Justin Bieber (Well done), or anyone 'bad' on the Internet
  • Coppercab
  • Coppercab again
  • No more fucking Spongebob edits, seriously. Even the disclaimer Viacom won't read, so what's the point? One day the Supreme Court and copyright law is gonna take place in this. But don't make any more Viacom content edits, or they'll bring the law into the mix. I wouldn't fucking blame them also. This is the exact reason why the hell Viacom got to Blip.TV in the first place. Sheeeeeeeeeeet.
  • No more Ed Edd N Eddy edits. Usually he target for heavy editors; The show was hilarious already. You don't need to fuck with it. Especially when your channel is filled with nothing but these heavy edits.
  • More GEICO Commercial edits or YTP's. Heeeeeeeeelarious.
  • Commercial edits in general.

See Also (Affliated Editors)[edit | edit source]