Bronies and Involvement in the Editing Community

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The editing community has recently seen a boost in the numbers of editors who are bronies, a male viewer of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Editors such as 45coolz and Editscentral (now TheHomosexualBagel) are part of the brony subculture.

An editor-brony will usually set his profile picture to something relative to the MLP: FiM series, as 45coolz has done on his channel with the above image

Reasons for being a brony[edit | edit source]

Former YouTube editors assmennfiossa and Editscentral have claimed to become a Brony because of a YTP video of the My Little Pony show created by cs188 and titled My Little Porno: Friendship with Benefits. Legobucket settled into the Brony community after resigning as an editor. First signs of this change appeared around March 2011, though subtle. Contrary to what some say, he became a Brony by choice, and the conversion was in no way related to editing. Other Brony editors have unclear backgrounds on their conversions. 45coolz has recently became a brony. After watching iamsage14's Dragonshy edit, he edited an episode of My Little Pony and became a brony followng the edit. He was skeptical about it at first but then his opinions changed.

Reception[edit | edit source]

On August 5th 2011 editor iamsage14 uploaded an edit of episode Dragonshy. It should also be noted that other editors (such as lesser-known MrMyu151 and moderately established editors Editscentral and assmennfiossa) have also created edits of the show. Though MrMyu151 is not a brony, he still edits the show but maintains a neutral opinion towards the subculture. 

Former editor Lutetia720 who proclaimed himself a brony halfway into his editing career, detached himself from the brony community due to the noticeable number of immature bronies, anti-bronies, and other negative aspects of the subculture.

SuperUsTube7 has been known to publicly criticize MLP as, "a way for editors to try to act like a child again"

LickMyNoseHAHAHA originally ignored this community, but after seeing My Little Pony, his feelings changed from apathy to minor disapproval, he has criticized it as "WAY too girlish" for his tastes.

As of late spring 2012, the brony community has stopped growing at the explosive rate it once had peaked at, and has lost some members.

However, in 2013, editors AReallyAwesomeGuy117, xXLIGITXx47, XScourgeTailsX, and Rotten Cheese, the first sporting an MLP OC as an avatar, came on to the scene and made many edits of MLP:FiM and its many fan videos. They've all moved on to other sources.

In 2014, Raster0fMandomness joined the editing community and continued the trend of editing MLP and its fan videos, but left the fandom in October of that year due to most of the MLP content creators he enjoyed retiring, as well as being fed up with the cynicism of the bronies, claiming that they have forgotten it's supposed to be a show about friendship.

SuperIdiotMan00 is not a fan, but does take many sound clips from HotDiggedyDemon's parodies "PONY.MOV", with "PARTY.MOV" being the most common. Additonally, a fan video by MrYaridovich entitled "Shadows of Equestria Enlarge your Johnson" is used by SkateboardEditor.