BigTylor69, is a YouTube editor of multiple varieties, such as Spongebob, and iCarly. He currently has approx. 592 subscribers as of July 12th, 2011. BigTylor's most viewed edit of all time, to this date, is his edit of the Spongebob episode, Can You Spare A Dime?. He also has an alternate channel called AMPLIO28.


BigTylor was once inspired to make his own edits because of his real life friend and longtime editor, "Gamefreak793"; he helped him get into the ranks of superior editors but that wasn't until Gamefreak lost his account due to three copyright strikes. However, he later on managed to convince him to return, now he is known as Gamefreak616. He originally began editing around 2007, but he wasn't fully known until late-2010.

Throughout his tenure, he has influenced some certain editors, like notable editor CaveManEngi and others like 'LatinoBacon', 'mrdayno' and so on. It's unknown if BigTylor69 is his only account, but that is uncertain for the time being.

Edits and etc.Edit

BigTylor has made many edits of many different shows, like Spongebob, iCarly (which was mentioned above), Chowder, Flapjack and even Youtube stars like Fred. Not to mention he has also made edits of popular music videos, a trait that is shared editors like editorzRuss.

Some of his most known Spongebob edits are Dumped, Can You Spare A Dime?, No Weenies Allowed and KrabBorg. One of his most famous edits was a edit of Rebecca Black's Friday music video, which was also edited by MizzouEdits2, editorzRuss, ny2049 and LickMyNoseHAHAHA.

He also collaborates with Gamefreak793, as they sometimes produce edits together. He has also appeared in episode seven of MizzouEdits' A Editing Compilation.

Other than editing, he also make backgrounds and profile pictures; mostly to update his channel.

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