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inactive This article is about an editor who is no longer active.

Assmennfiossa was an editor of a variety of content, including commercials, songs, TV shows, and similar work. Though he has not uploaded any Viacom-owned content, he has created a backup account under the username assmennfiossa2.

Occupation Editor (wide variety; now retired), YTP/YTPMVer (inactive)
Years Active March 15th, 2011 - February 3rd, 2012 (editing), November 26th, 2011 - c. 2014 (YTP/YTPMVing)
Notable Works Edits of Sara Bareilles's "Love Song" and of Keri Hilson's "Pretty Girl Rock", RosenYTP_Rev2.mp4
Influences Lutetia720, editorzRuss, ViacomCanSuckIt (editing); cs188, MechaWeegee91, DiabeetusPlams, KatanaSoul (YTPing); rabiesx86 (YTPMVing)
Influenced SmallChocolateShake

History[edit | edit source]

Assmennfiossa began to watch the edits of Roshua666 (still under the username Roshua777 at the time) and a few of Klusignolo's edits. He began to realize that editing was an interesting method of making something funny out of cartoons. After Roshua's suspension he immediately began to become less interested in edits.

However, around the period of November to December of 2010, he began to wonder if anyone had ever made a song edit. Within this period of time he discovered editorzRuss's work (under his original account editorzRus at the time). He watched virtually all of his song edits, and became a regular viewer of his edits. The work of editorzRuss inspired assmennfiossa to create a song edit of his own.

First edit[edit | edit source]

Assmennfiossa's first edit was a song edit; more specifically, an edit of Sara Bareilles's "King of Anything". This edit was sloppily pieced together, highly non-sensical, and thus was not a very popular edit. In reaction to all of the negative reception of the edit, he called on another editor for advice, Lutetia720 .

Newer edits[edit | edit source]

Assmennfiossa's editing skill has since improved with newer edits of Sara Bareilles's "Love Song" , Keri Hilson's "Pretty Girl Rock" and an iPhone 4 commercial. Assmennfiossa still occasionally calls on Lutetia720 for advice.

Editing style[edit | edit source]

TehKablam98 is the only editor to give his opinion on assmennfiossa's editing style. As quoted from a PM between assmennfiossa and TehKablam98: "Your style reminds me alot of Editor[z]Russ' in this." "In this" refers to one of assmennfiossa's cartoon edits (an Ed Edd n Eddy edit created for an edit-off).

Other work[edit | edit source]

Lately assmennfiossa has been releasing shorter edits and has become focused more on trying his hand at making YTPs and YTPMVs. He released 3 versions of a YTPMV (revisions 1, 2, and 3, respectively) and also two versions of a Michael Rosen YTP that is still to be completed (revisions 1 and 2 , respectively). Assmennfiossa has been shown to do well at pitch shifting in YTPMVs and sentence mixing in YTPs.

Accomplishments[edit | edit source]

Assmennfiossa reached 100 subscribers on December 23, 2011, just a mere 6 days before the first anniversary of creation of his YouTube account.

Retirement[edit | edit source]

Assmennfiossa announced his retirement from editing via a bulletin posted on YouTube on February 3rd, 2012. He states that he no longer finds edits funny and has since abandoned editing for YTP and YTPMVing, as he has stated to other editors it better fills his void.