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The current YouTube avatar of AReallyAwesomeGuy117, chosen for the man's comedic stare and smile.

AReallyAwesomeGuy117 is an editor on YouTube known for his edits of movie trailers and cartoons (one formerly being My Little Pony), and other miscellaneous videos, such as YouTube Poops and reaction compilations. Known as a pioneer in MLP editing, he has gained much recognition & respect in the editing community, utilizing multiple editing styles from heavy to traditional (Klusignolo-esque). The origin of the name simply derives from AwesomeGuy's imagination, except "117", which stands for his date of birth (the 17th of January) and not a reference to Master Chief of the Halo franchise.

History[edit | edit source]

Joining YouTube on the 12th of February, 2012, AwesomeGuy originally intended his new channel to focus primarily on random My Little Pony videos, such as "Fluttershy - (crazy laugh) Ren and Stimpy Style!" and an occasional MLP edit or YouTube Poop, such as "SHED.MOV Reacts to JACK" and "MLP - The Elements of Harmony EDITED" (which was deleted for copyright reasons), which proved to be a great hit and received mostly positive feedback when it was initially released on the 3rd of April, 2012.

One the original profile pictures of AReallyAwesomeGuy (Used from October 2013 - February 2015).

Many commenters soon begged for more edited content in the following months, and AwesomeGuy's second edit, "Safety Torch - EDITED" was uploaded on the 21st of August, 2012 (which is the oldest edit of his still online). Eventually, he decided to give up on the random videos for the most part and focused on the effort to create more edits. Soon enough, AwesomeGuy steadily began to receive thousands of views on his videos, such as "MLP - Canterlot Wedding Part 2 EDITED". Almost a month later following "Canterlot", the critically-acclaimed "Smosh EDITED - AWESOME NEW ROBOT!" was uploaded on October the 12th, 2012 with noteworthy heavy editor creativeoneRofl giving very positive feedback, declaring that AwesomeGuy's edits "deserve [him] more subs..." & XDrang93, the famous edit-reviewer, stating that the edit "is funnier than the actual Smosh." Considering AwesomeGuy's love for positive feedback, it further continued his drive to create more and more material to please his audience.

Negative Criticism Rears Its Ugly Head[edit | edit source]

Everything went rather well for AReallyAwesomeGuy for the next 6 months leading into 2013. That is, until the infamous "Fluttershy Rages At Pinkie Pie and Rarity EDITED" video was uploaded on the 25th of April; where AwesomeGuy suffered a major blow in critical overview from both XDrang & editing legend SkateboardEditor, who both joked & complained, "The only thing more excessive than that last soundclip is the soundpack it was in. Seriously, that thing was much longer than it needed to be." From that point on, it was AwesomeGuy's determination to create the highest quality edits as he could possibly could in terms of a sensible storyline and dialogue, which signified the end of his once biggest issue among critics: continuation errors.

The Scare of May 2014[edit | edit source]

In the following time to come, everything ran rather smoothly in the following months, with edits gaining mostly positive reviews & a decent amount amount of feedback. However, it wasn't until late April of 2014 where he began to believe that editing wasn't worth it anymore because of the growing issue of less feedback and constructive criticism, which led to the post of the sobering 5-minute video entitled, "Important Update" on the 29th of May 2014, where AReallyAwesomeGuy threatened to quit the community for good. He quickly changed his mind about all of that, however, once responses soon appeared shortly after its upload, implying that he is truly a valuable member of the community & should not quit editing over something so petty. Even though AwesomeGuy is now over the issue, he still believes that the Google+ update had to do with view & comment loss.

Steady Times[edit | edit source]

By the time the "Meet the Demoman" edit was released on the 20th of December, 2013, it signified the downtime and almost hiatus status of AReallyAwesomeGuy, releasing new material in a span of 2-weeks to months at a time, which was mostly caused by school & homework. From early to mid-2014, he greatly began to lose interest in My Little Pony and its fandom & quit bronydom officially by July 2014. As of 2016, AwesomeGuy no longer takes edit requests, as he became tired of self-entitled editing fans begging for him to make edits of sources he may not even be interested in. Around this time, AReallyAwesomeGuy started making YTPs as well on the channel BananaMannaFoot.

In 2019, he started the YTP Review Podcast, where he and a roster of guests from the editing and YTP community watch and critique the back-catalog of many YouTube Poopers.