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inactive This article is about an editor who is no longer active.

45coolz is a former editor who has made about 42 edits in total. However, all of his edits are gone because he closed his original account. He made a few edits on the account "coolz45ful", but the number of those is not even a handful of all the edits he made.


45coolz knew about edits since summer of 2009. He first saw spongebob edited by klusingo. Coolz was highly entertained by these parodys, however, his parents weren't. He got banned from the computer and his interest of edits dissappeared.

Influences and influenced[edit | edit source]

45coolz influences are ny2049, spoiled milk, viacomcansuckit, and lickmyfeethahaha. He influenced Smallchoclateshake, and creativeonerofl.

Beginning of editing[edit | edit source]

45coolz forgot about editing but one of his friends from school who edits also(pROJECTLORD) told him about this edited video by projectdavid named "Goku gets laid". 45coolz laughed his pants off and begin to get addicted to editing once again.

Crappy edits[edit | edit source]

45coolz began to start his career off with his first edit called "Baby Finn is gangsta". 45coolz quote"That was one of my most abysmal edits ever". It was actually. No muted sound clips or nothing. 45coolz was using WLMM at this time. He then made more bad edits. He begin to get it through is head when he got negative comments on his regular show video. 45coolz was in denial becaus he was kinda cocky this time. Mostly ignorant. Later on, he made his first video with muted clips. It was a song edit. It was an edit of "Spongebob a day like this" It wasn't good though. He still didn't get it but he finally realized he had to get rid of WLMM.

Rise to editing[edit | edit source]

45coolz then downloded WMM 2.6. His real editing career started with regular show cool bikes edited. It was okay but not good. It didn't have good execution, or good awareness. Coolz still forgot to mute certin parts of the video, which made it very sloppy and hard to follow. It was a lazy job. Then he made a edit called spongebob drug day. It was better then regular show cool bikes, but it still had terrible pacing and muting. He then begin to review his edits and make corrections before uploading it. Coolz was getting the hang of it, but he still lacked placement of edit sounds. The most important part of editing.

Problems with Microsoft[edit | edit source]

45coolz had many different editing programs. WLMM was to laggy and sucked really bad. WMM 2.6 lagged to but the main problem was the infamous, "can't save file to specified location" error. He then got an idea. Since WMM 6.0 can associate with MM files. He used 6.0 to upload his videos. Then, 6.0 fucked up also. The newly rendered video would blackout and the edited parts would play. He announced he would stop editing until he gets the right software. Then, a user recommended sony vegas and 45coolz took his advice. Ever since then, 45coolz has had sony vegas in the beginning of 2012. That's where 45coolz really became a great editor.

Editor Idol and final days.[edit | edit source]

Many ediors, starting with Dathirdbest editor and Joeybaum retired. 45coolz hated to see veteran editors go. The main one was EditorRuss. 45coolz then wanted to revive editing with a new series called editor idol (a parody of American idol.) He pmed laughtraxx about the idea and laughtraxx helped advertise it. This was a sign that editing was still alive. It was short lived however. In the begining of round 2, participants started going on hiatuses and was always putting their edits on delay. Coolz left editor idol in round 2 even though he made a edit for it. You can say editor idol was a guilty pleasure.

Editing style[edit | edit source]

September 2011-November 1 2011[edit | edit source]

His style was kinda off balenced this time since he didn't mute clips so the style was. There wasent a style.

November- January[edit | edit source]

This style is what made him noticed. It was heavy editing. The heavy editing was influenced by ny2049. Later on, he made his own style. The main example of this style was Jack Black on Piracy edited.

January- February[edit | edit source]

45coolz then went to a lighter editing style. 45coolz was fine with it until it became redundant and to predictiable. It was also the main style of editing. Coolz want to be distinguished for his editing, not become mainstream.

Return to original style[edit | edit source]

45coolz returned to the 45coolz people mainly know. The heavy editing and heavy swearing editor. 2 examples are Ke$ha tic toc. (Even though that was still his light style but mixed the heavy one alittle). The main example was his edit "warning to all Justin Beiber haters edited". The heaviest edited video coolz has ever made was "Rick Santorum comes out the closet". The ny2047 influences are evident, but you can also see why this was his most prestigious edit. It was different.